Coopers Vintage Ale 2017 on Tap NOW

Coopers Vintage Ale Available Now

Coopers Vintage Ale 2017 on Tap NOW

Coopers Vintage Ale 2017 has just been tapped and is available from our bar right now! Rare as hens teeth, this ale will not last long. Perfect with our burgers or any meal from our Smoked & Slow menu.

Tasting Notes from Coopers

Coopers Vintage Ale 2017 is distinguished by its crimson-red colour and full-bodied taste; rich in malt, honey and dry nutty characters, the ale has evolved with the inclusion of a special blend of caramalt. The caramalt contributes well to the balance of bold malt flavours and the softness of a fine and creamy head.

In keeping with its reputation of being bold and robust, this year’s Vintage Ale includes a new combination of bittering and aromatic hop varieties, Denali and Calypso, which deliver a delicate spectrum of fruity aromas. Distinct pineapple and pear characters are a feature alongside pine and citrus notes. This Vintage finishes with a respectable level of bitterness, with an IBU of 50, which integrates well with the fruity, estery flavour of the beer.