Dinner Specials - Barrels & Ashes
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Dinner Specials


  • Crisp braised pork belly w/ parsnip puree, honeycomb, with an apple & Ironbark Gin jelly & candied peas


large plates

  • Pan-seared salmon topped w/ finger lime caviar & sumac. Served w/ mint, Israeli pearl cous cous, heirloom tomato & rocket salad

  • Twice cooked pork knuckle – slow cooked in Coopers Stout, then oven roasted. Served w/ a fennel, rocket, saltbush, pickled radish & cabbage salad

  • Mixed Barrels Platter - 16 hour smoked brisket, ribs, chorizo, spicy wings, pickled vegetables & potato salad



  • Lemon Slice served w/ raspberry sorbet, Anzac biscuit crumb & cream



  • Turkish Delight - Crystallus vodka, strawberry cream, rose water, vanilla served with rose flavoured fairy floss & pistachio


NB: All menus are indicative only and are subject to change without notice