Dessert Menu

  • Churros - rolled in cinnamon sugar & served w/ chocolate fudge dipping sauce

  • Affinity Gin Jelly - Karu Affinity gin & butterfly pea jelly, berries, macron, cream & passionfruit sorbet

  • Barrels JD Snickers Bar – Jack Daniels chocolate, agave & maple marshmallow fluff nougat, smoked almonds and caramel with salted caramel ice cream

  • Decadence Sundae - toasted waffle, churros & macron served w/ chocolate obsession, salted caramel & vanilla bean ice cream, whipped cream, toasted marshmallow & wafers



  • Adults Only Ice-cream - your choice of vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate ice cream served w/ your favourite liqueur & finished w/ Persian fairy floss

Choose from:
Salted Honey – Wild Turkley American Honey, salted caramel ice cream & pistachio fairy floss
Spanish Spiced – Licor 43, vanilla ice cream & saffron fairy floss
Bloody Oath – Cointreau Blood Orange, vanilla ice cream & rose fairy floss
The Pink Lady – Mozart strawberry crème, vanilla ice cream & rose fairy floss
Chocolate Obsession – Mozart chocolate, chocolate obsession ice cream & chocolate fairy floss

Affogato & Liqueur Coffee

  • Shot of Coffee w/ your choice of ice cream - Madagascan vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate

  • Liqueur Coffee - espresso w/ your choice of liqueur

Choose from:
Irish Coffee w/ Jamesons whisky
French w/ Cointreau
Calypso w/ Kahlua
Baileys w/ Baileys Irish Cream
Roman w/ Galliano
Hazelnut w/ Frangelico

NB: All menus are indicative only and are subject to change without notice