Small local whiskey bar
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Barrels & Ashes

Casual music Bar with tasty food and Drinks

Welcome to Barrels and Ashes, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Hawkesbury’s, Richmond. Step into a world where history intertwines with comfort, offering a cozy haven from the outside world. Our charming 1800s building boasts a warm fireplace for winter nights and a sunlit courtyard perfect for summer gatherings. Relax and unwind as live music sets the mood for an unforgettable evening.

Indulge in our refreshing drinks while perusing our menu, a culinary adventure featuring mouth-watering mains, juicy burgers, and irresistible desserts. Whether you’re seeking a casual meal or celebrating a special occasion, Barrels and Ashes promises an experience filled with laughter, great food, and cherished memories.

Come for the history, stay for the fun! Join us at Barrels and Ashes for an enchanting journey through time, where every visit promises to be a delightful escape.




Barrels & Ashes offers a cocktail list that is creative and unique. Blending flavours to create an experience like no other is our passion.

Guaranteed to be well balanced and completely delicious…


But if you prefer an old favourite, we’ve got you covered! Our mixologists can create any cocktail you like or work with you to create something you’re sure to love!