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Cocktail Bar & Whiskey Lounge

Cocktail Bar Whisky Lounge Richmond

At the heart of every ambient establishment is a beautiful, well-stocked bar.  Our bar is steeped in history and creates an atmosphere reminiscent of the decadent days of yesteryear. It’s the perfect place to unwind after a long days work – and we have a tipple to suit every pleasure.  Our whisky offering is our passion with our range featuring whiskies from all over the world. Whether it’s a rye, malt, Scottish or American – we have something right for you.  We also champion the wonderful innovative products that are happening in the world of gin right now, and with Australia leading the charge we proudly stock a large range of national & international gins.


We haven’t stopped there though – oh no!  How could we when we love cocktails like we do?  Our cocktail list is creative, inspired and guaranteed to bring you balanced flavours in a way you haven’t experienced before.  We use elements such as jalapenos, sage & cardamon alongside more traditional ingredients.  We maintain a deep respect for the classics, such as the Old Fashioned & Sazerac, but we’re not afraid to put our own twist on the style, such as our Blood Orange & Molinari White Sambuca Martini or our Jalapeno Martini w/ monetary jack cheese sticks to name a few.  But if you’re more traditionally oriented, don’t be shy in asking our bartender for your favourite blend – we can mix anything you like!


And then there’s our wine list.  A selection of reds and whites in many varietals, which will change and grow over time to ensure we always have something new for you to try…


Finally, let’s talk about beer and cider.  We have a profound love of beer – craft and otherwise – and have developed a strong partnership with Coopers – one of Australia’s best brewers.  Cider has been taking the world by storm of late.  We’re proud to stock the range of Hillbilly Cider, another Hawkesbury local.  Hillbilly’s range of cider is exquisite – you’ll be seeing it feature heavily in both our Bar and Eating House menus.  Be sure to give it a try!


Best of all, our bar space is just that – a place for you to relax and enjoy a drink plus a little something from our bar snack menu.  Barrels & Ashes is a welcoming haven for those who wish a pleasant, long relaxing meal or a couple of drinks after work.  We hope to see you soon…