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Starters & Snacks

  • Garlic Bread w/ black garlic herb butter

  • Crispy Fried Pickles w/ sriracha mayo

  • Smoked Chorizo w/ smoked tomato relish

  • Onion Rings w/ JD Honey BBQ mayo

  • Tempura mushrooms w/ sriracha lime mayo

  • Crispy Fried Haloumi w/ tomato relish

  • Pork Belly Chips w/ whiskey maple agave

  • Basket of Fries w/ B&A seasoning

  • Hummus Bowl - served w/ extra virgin olive oil, native spiced dukkah, pepita & mixed seeds, pickled chickpeas, sourdough & flatbread

  • Prawn Skewer w/ black garlic butter & lime

  • Blackened crispy chicken wings 500gm Served w/ pickled celery, carrot & ranch



Our beef burger patties are 160gm premium Angus grade beef and cooked to medium.

Make it a complete meal. Enjoy your burger w/ fries, onion rings & a pickle +$7

  • American Burger – Angus beef, double cheese, pickles, mustard & tomato sauce

  • Classic Burger – Angus beef, cheese, tomato, onion, leaves, kewpie mayo & tomato relish

  • Little Porker – honey & cider pulled pork, agave whisky bacon, slaw, pickles & JD Honey BBQ sauce

  • Haloumi Burger – mixed leaves, tomato, caramelised onion, smoked beetroot relish & ranch sauce

  • Southern-fried Chicken Burger – fried chicken, slaw, pickles & sriracha lime mayo

  • Chicken Burger – grilled chicken breast, agave whisky bacon, caramelised onion, leaves & ranch

  • Angus Burger – Angus beef, cheese, caramelised onion, pickles, agave whisky bacon & ranch

  • Barrels Burger – Angus beef, cheese, agave whisky bacon, onion, leaves, smoked beetroot & tomato relish

  • Chilli Burger – Angus beef, kewpie mayo, agave whisky bacon, double cheese, pickles & your choice of chilli sauce – Sriracha | Smoked Chilli & Bourbon (HOT!! ) |Tequila & Lime (HOT!! )



  • Ultimate Cheeseburger – Double Angus beef, double American cheese, double Mexican cheese, pickles, agave whisky bacon, mustard, tomato sauce & Barrels smoked cheese sauce

  • Smoked Chick-Orizo Burger – Grilled or Southern Fried chicken, smoked chorizo, agave whisky bacon, tomato, onion, leaves, smoked tomato & chipotle relish & smoked cheese sauce


Add agave whisky bacon +3

Add an extra burger patty, haloumi or chicken breast +7ea

Exchange fries for onion rings +3

Exchange fries for Kumera chips +2

Gluten Free +3


  • Beer Battered Flathead served w/ lemon ash salt, ranch dressing, slaw, pickles & mixed leaf salad

  • Southern Fried Chicken (Single/Double Breast) served w/ slaw, pickles, mixed leaf salad & ranch

  • Grilled Chicken Breast (Single/Double Breast) grilled w/ shallots, smoked lemon & salt bush. Served w/ slaw, pickles & mixed leaf salad

  • Chilli Chicken Waffle - Toasted waffle topped w/ Southern fried chicken breast, agave whisky bacon & chilli caramel sauce. Served w/ slaw, pickles & mixed leaf salad



  • Charred Veg Salad w/ agave maple whiskey carrots & broccolini, charred corn, mixed leaves, lemon ash, smoked sour cream, mixed seeds & grains & crispy shallots

  • Haloumi & Chorizo Salad w/ mixed leaves, tomato, Spanish onion, smoked lemon, lemon ash, salt bush, mixed grains, crispy shallots & smoked tomato relish

  • Pan Seared Prawn Salad w/ mixed leaves, mint, salt bush, lemon, pickled celery & Old Bay seasoning

  • Garlic Prawns w/ black garlic butter, cream, Old Bay seasoning, mixed grains, crispy shallots & charred corn

  • Frogmore Bowl w/ prawns, chorizo, chicken, black garlic butter, Old Bay seasoning, mixed grains, crispy shallots & charred corn


Smoked & Slow

  • Grass Fed Riverina Brisket (150g|300g) Hickory smoked & slow cooked. Served w/ whisky jus, charred corn, slaw, pickled vegetables, pickles & potato salad

  • Slow cooked lamb shoulder w/ Yorkshire pudding, mash, broccolini, carrots, macadamia nut butter, saltbush & bush tomato dukkah

  • Slow Smoked Pork Loin Ribs (250/500gm) served w/ our Jack Daniels Honey BBQ sauce or Chilli BBQ Sauce, charred corn, slaw, pickled vegetables, pickles & potato salad

  • Smoked & Slow Combo (main/feast) choose any 2 from: Ribs 250/500gm | Brisket 150/300gm | Smoked Chicken 180/360gm | Sth Fried Chicken 200/400gm | Chicken Wings 500/1kg | Pulled Pork 150/300gm. Served w/ charred corn, slaw, pickled vegetables, pickles & potato salad

  • Pit Plate (for 2) 150g brisket, 250gm Ribs, smoked chorizo, blackened wings, pulled pork, chilli bean & flatbread. Served w/ charred corn, slaw, pickled vegetables, pickles & potato salad



Our steaks are all high quality MSA Grade 120 Day grain fed premium Angus Beef. Served w/ whisky maple carrots & broccolini, mashed potato, smoked tomato & beetroot relish, black garlic butter, pickled tomatoes, celery & mushroom, smoked salt & truffle oil

  • 200gm Eye Fillet

  • 300gm Scotch Fillet

  • Surf n Turf 200gm Eye Fillet w/ creamy black garlic butter prawns



  • Slaw

  • Fries

  • Garden Salad

  • Potato Salad

  • Mash

  • Charred carrots & broccolini w/ lemon ash smoked sour cream & mixed seeds



  • Single scoop of ice cream - vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate obsession

  • Affogato - your choice of ice cream served w/ a double shot of espresso

  • Liqueur Affogato - your choice of ice cream served w/ a double shot of espresso & your choice of liqueur

  • Churros w/ chocolate dipping sauce

  • Choc fondant lava cake w/ choc chip bliss ice cream, double cream & chocolate Persian fairy floss

  • Choc fondant lava cake - as above w/ your choice of Blackcurrant, Raspberry or Wild Strawberry Liqueur, Spytail Ginger Rum or Ardberg Islay Whisky

  • Waffle de Jour - toasted waffle w/ peanut butter, nutella, cream, vanilla bean ice cream, whisky maple agave bacon & peanut butter pretzels

  • "Something Naughty" Adults Only ice cream - your choice of vanilla, salted caramel or chocolate obsession ice cream served w/ your favourite liqueur & finished w/ Persian fairy floss. Choose from:


Salted Honey – Jack Daniels Honey Liqueur, salted caramel ice cream & vanilla fairy floss
Spanish Spiced – Licor 43, vanilla ice cream & vanilla fairy floss
Bloody Oath – Cointreau Blood Orange, vanilla ice cream & rose fairy floss
The Pink Lady – Mozart strawberry crème, vanilla ice cream & rose fairy floss
Chocolate Obsession – Mozart chocolate, chocolate obsession ice cream & chocolate fairy floss


Or make up your own – we can create w/ any liqueur of your choice

Kids Menu

  • Cheeseburger & Chips w/ small drink and ice cream

  • Chicken Burger & Chips w/ small drink and ice cream

  • Chicken Strips & Chips w/ small drink and ice cream

  • Fish & Chips w/ small drink and ice cream


NB: Our Kids Menu is available for all children up to the age of twelve

5% Surcharge on Sundays | Credit card surcharge applies on all card payments


We’re so glad you’re here! While you sit back and enjoy our hospitality there are a few things we’d like you to know about us.

We are committed to flavour. Our Eating House brings you a modern Australian menu with a smokehouse twist. We are passionate about Australian botanicals and herbs and love to create with these flavours and bring you a taste that is both delicious and unique. We source fresh, sustainably and ethically farmed ingredients and utilise local Hawkesbury produce wherever we can.

We also love to experiment with flavours from our bar. Our signature items include house favourites bourbon honey BBQ sauce, whisky jus and tequila lime chilli sauce. Many of our house made sauces, rubs and spice blends are available for purchase. You may view our range here

We encourage you to try our Smoked & Slow offering. We smoke our own meats at Barrels & Ashes – a process which can take up to three days for some of our dishes – and utilise a special blend of flavoured woodchips to give our smoked meats a truly unique flavour.

Please relax and take time to enjoy our service. Some of our meals do take time to prepare, but trust us – they’re worth the wait!

We try to accommodate all dietary needs. Please alert our staff to any diet restrictions as we use a wide range of herbs and spices in our menu that may not be suitable for those with allergies.