Lunch & Dinner

Salads & Light Meals

  • Agave Pumpkin Salad – honey roasted pumpkin, quinoa, walnuts, pepita seeds, hemp seeds, mixed herbs & leaves, fetta & capsicum salsa

  • Charred Veg Salad – charred corn, carrot & broccolini w/ red & black rice, hemp seeds, mixed herbs & leaves, shallots w/ smoked garlic yoghurt & black sesame

  • Smoked Chorizo & Haloumi Salad – Barossa valley smoked chorizo, haloumi, red & black wild rice, smoked heirloom tomatoes, onion, basil & smoked lemon

  • Barrels ‘Caesar’ Salad w/ baby cos, bush herbs, croutons, agave bacon, slow poached egg, dukkah mix, blue cheese dressing & Jamon crisp (w/ grilled chicken)

  • 313 Ironbark Dry Gin Cured Salmon Salad w/ mixed leaves, smoked cherry tomato, Spanish onion, hemp seeds, quinoa, finger lime marmalade, seasonal Australian bush herbs & lemon ash

  • ADD - grilled chicken, southern fried chicken, chorizo, haloumi

    $6 each
  • ADD - 313 Ironbark Dry Gin cured salmon

  • Chilli Bowl – chilli beef or chilli bean, with flatbread, charred corn, a pickle, sour cream, shallots on a bed of black & red wild rice

  • Chilli Chicken Waffle – southern fried chicken breast, agave bacon on a toasted waffle smothered in chilli salted caramel sauce with a smoked yogurt dressed garden salad & sweet potato wedges


Large Plates

  • The Vego Stack - sweet potato & corn fritters served w/ quinoa, hemp seeds, mixed leaves, basil, mint, shallots, celery & smoked beetroot relish

  • The Vego Stack w/ 313 Ironbark Dry Gin cured salmon

  • Beer Battered Barramundi w/ lemon ash salt, fries, garden salad & side ranch



MSA Grade 120 Day Grain-fed Premium Angus Beef – All served w/ blackened carrots, charred broccolini, smoked beetroot relish, pickled mushrooms, black garlic butter, truffle salt & oil with a choice of mash or duck fat roasted potatoes

  • 250gm Eye Fillet (low fat & super tender, best up to Medium)

  • 400gm Rib Eye (Nice marbling throughout will remain tender through to well done)


Smoked & Slow

  • Louisiana Chicken - marinated half chicken served w/ duck fat roasted potatoes, charred corn, smoked lemon, salt bush & roast capsicum salsa w/ micro coriander

  • 16 hour slow smoked Angus Brisket (200/400gm) served w/ Islay malt whisky jus, charred corn, mixed pickled vegetables & potato salad

  • Pork Knuckle – apple cider cured twice cooked crispy skin knuckle served w/ apple sauce, slaw, charred corn & duck fat potatoes

  • Slow Smoked Pork Ribs - (1/2 or full rack) w/ Jack Daniels honey BBQ sauce, charred corn, slaw & sweet potato wedges

  • Drunken Brisket/Ribs Combo - a combination of our brisket & smoked pork ribs dishes (200gm + 1/2 rack or 400gm + Full Rack)

  • Pit Plate – 200gm brisket, honey & Hillbilly Apple Cider pulled pork, chilli bean, smoked chorizo, wings, JD honey BBQ pork riblets, charred corn, potato salad, slaw, mixed pickled vegetables & flatbread

  • Smoked & Slow Feast (2-4 people)– 400gm Brisket, 1 whole rack Ribs, 1/2 Louisiana chicken, wings, smoked chorizo, honey & Hillbilly Apple Cider pulled pork, chilli bean, pickled vegetables, potato salad, slaw, sweet potato wedges, charred corn & flatbread



Suitable for 2 diners to share

  • Slaw

  • Garden Salad

  • Fries w/ B&A seasoning

  • Potato salad

  • Kumera wedges w/ B&A seasoning

  • Mash Potato – smooth & creamy mash with shallots

  • Blackened Carrots & Charred Broccolini w/ lemon oil, smoked garlic yoghurt & black sesame

  • Garlic Wild Mushrooms – sautéed with spinach & garlic butter

  • Duck fat roasted kipfler potatoes


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NB: All menus are indicative only and are subject to change without notice